Hi – I’m Andy

I’m from Chicagoland

I like movies – My favorites include Goodfellas, The Shining, and The Big Lebowski

My goal is to watch over 300 movies in 2012, join me as I write about all the films I watch this year!

Email me: Andy@AndyWatchesMovies.com
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56 responses to “About

  1. You must write about one of the Alien or Terminator films! I am part alien, part human and part terminator, so I hope you agree the films only show us as evil. Most of us are normal citizens! I hate prejudice!

  2. I just wanna say, kudos to you for placing your goal at 300 movies. I made a goal to see 30 movies in the theater during the 2010-2011 school year, and I bareeely made it. Impressive work, dude. you also get brownie points for being from chicago.

  3. you have a very efficient blog. the gray tones, theme, everything is sharp and concise. glad to read it. by the way, did you see the recent remake of “21 jump street”? i was very surprised. i thought it would be stupid, but i actually enjoyed it. review to come soon.

    • Thanks! Sometimes I worry it’s a bit too sterile and impersonal so I’ve been brainstorming ways around that.

      I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve heard surprisingly good things. Looking forward to your write-up.

      • Fantastic. I’d already been thinking about these ones, but it is likely that I will make additional requests later on. My requests are (in no specific order): Good Burger, American Beauty, Ghost World, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Oldboy. In case you haven’t seen/don’t know much about Oldboy, I feel obligated to tell you that, despite being critically acclaimed, it’s also uber disturbing. On the creepiness/weirdness scale, I’d place it about halfway between Black Swan and The Human Centipede.
        Anyways, by no means should you feel obligated to watch any of these. I just have semi-strong opinions on all of them and want to see how other people react to them.

        • I love all those movies and even own all of them except Good Burger. When I worked at a game store connected to a video store a few years ago, one of the girls that worked at the video side would play Good Burger all day every day she worked. I’m kind of burned out on it. I like your creepiness/weirdness scale and I’m kind of hoping that Human Centipede is the maximum value on the list…
          I’ve been meaning to watch Oldboy again anyway, so that will likely be the first of those that I would watch.

          • burned out on good burger??? i didn’t know that could happen! ha. ha. that girl must have had a lot of friends.
            these are the movies i try to get my friends to watch, and they all usually fail, so the prospect of an oldboy review excites me more than it should.

  4. Hi there,
    I have nominated you for an award. Check it out here: http://claratsi.wordpress.com/2012/08/15/the-liebster-award-claratsi-is-pleased/
    In the interests of community at your leisure take the time to share your award or as I know these things can take some time, check out the other bloggers nominated and share a comment or two. (If you donโ€™t wish to reciprocate or you have already been nominated thatโ€™s fine, I know these things take time, just a mention or a visit would be great!)
    Congratulations on having a great blog and thank you for visiting my blog too!

  5. Hey, I nominated you for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award. The post with all the details will be up after 2 A.M. Pacific time at http:jmountswritteninblood.com. Congratulations!

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