Five Movies We Would Love To See In Theaters Again (Guest Post)

Sometimes the best movie isn’t next week’s new release but a revisited classic that just can’t be contained in a Blu-ray or Netflix presentation. We aren’t talking remakes here, either. Some films were just designed for the silver screen and here are the top five we’d love to buy a ticket to see on today’s giant screens.

“Metropolis” is a German  expressionist sci-fi film from the 1920s that tells the story of a dystopian society 100 years in the future, where wealthy intellectuals rule from high office towers, while the downtrodden masses writhe away in the bellows of the urban landscape. The visual artistry of the film deserves the big screen treatment and, even though modern soundtracks have been created featuring the likes of rock legend Freddie Mercury and ’80s icon Adam Ant, what would really bring the experience to life would be the accompaniment of a full, live orchestra. This would be the kind of event that people could dress to the nines for and relive a little of that old Hollywood glamour, while paying tribute to one of the most intelligent films to ever grace us with its presence.

“Gone With the Wind”
I want to see the glory of Tara on the silver screen. The sweeping dresses and landscapes, Atlanta burning, the now-quaint, game-changing cursing of Rhett Butler – what could be more suited to a theatrical re-release? And the grand costumes that could be worn in homage to the era would make quite the red carpet splash for all those southern belle wannabes who’ve just been itching for the chance to don a hoop skirt.

“Star Wars”
Forget extended scenes or prequels – it’s the original 1977 “Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope” that deserves another engagement at a theater near you. This is a movie that defined a generation of would-be explorers, astronauts, rebel leaders and super-geeks. Not only was the film groundbreaking for its special effects, but it introduced the space opera genre and changed the face of not only science fiction but modern hero mythology as well. Throwing this flick back up on the big screen would be perfectly timed with the Disney buyout of Lucasfilms and could help prompt excitement of what is coming next for the franchise.

“Moulin Rouge”
Baz Luhrmann knows how to make eye-candy. That’s why this rich carnival of sequined sights and exuberant sounds deserves another trip to the big screen. Imagine every sparkle and spangle in HD and each warble from the lovely throat of Ewan McGregor or Nicole Kidman in Dolby Digital Surround Sound – doesn’t the thought alone make your heart swoon? There’s no way even the most well-placed flat screen TV above the mantel can do justice to this cinematic gem that deserves its due in a full-fledged theater. Actual velvet theater seats would be the cherry on top.

Sam should definitely play it (again), and on the biggest screen with the most amazing digital re-mastering available. Nothing could be more painfully beautiful than the face of Ingrid Bergman floating above us on a beautiful screen as she’s forced to fly away from the love of her life – the incomparable Humphrey Bogart. This classic film from the golden age of Hollywood doesn’t require flashy special effects or the latest in sound innovation to keep viewers rapt with its tale of star-crossed lovers who, like Romeo and Juliet, must ultimately say goodbye. But that doesn’t mean a theatrical re-release wouldn’t be one of the most wonderful things Santa could bring us for Christmas this year.
[Ed. note – I actually got a chance to see Casablanca on the big screen, you can read my review here]

What film would you like to see come back to the theater?

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My interview over at The IPC

I’m sure many of you may already read Isaacs Picture Conclusions and his series of interviews, but if you don’t check him out HERE!

This week, it was my turn to be asked the burning questions and you can read it by checking out Isaacs Interviews – Andy Watches Movies

It was a lot of fun taking part in the interview and a huge thanks to E over at The IPC for interviewing me.

Life of Pi Preview

Life of Pi is opening tomorrow and it is sitting pretty at Rotten Tomatoes with an 84% “fresh” rating. Originally published as a novel, Life of Pi is about young boy that survives a shipwreck along with a Bengal tiger. Here is the official synopsis:

Genre:Adventure-Drama in 3D
Release:November 21, 2012
Director:Ang Lee
Screenplay by: David Magee, based upon the novel by Yann Martel
Producers: Gil Netter, Ang Lee, David Womark
Cast:Suraj Sharma, Irrfan Khan, Tabu, Rafe Spall and Gérard Depardieu
With LIFE OF PI, director Ang Lee (“Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”) creates a groundbreakingmovie event about a young man who survives a disaster at sea and is hurtled into an epicjourney of adventure and discovery. While cast away, he forms an amazing and unexpectedconnection with another survivor…a fearsome Bengal tiger.

While I never finished reading the novel, I still keep it on my shelf in hopes of making my way through it. I plan on seeing the film and I hope that it sparks my interest in the source material.

I’ve been offered to show off some off some of my favorite official pictures from Life of Pi, click on them for full size – and don’t forget to watch the trailer!

Behind the scenes:



Ang Lee on the set:


Movie stills:


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My picks for CinEnema’s 3 for 1 feature

Catalin from CinEnema let me write an entry for the 3 for 1 feature! It was fun to write, and if you want to write one, just let Catalin know.


Hello hellraisers, hippies and honorable horror hounds,

As another week has passed, it’s time for the mandatory 3 for 1 feature. This week, I’ve had to cajole the living daylights out of Andy, over at Andy Watches Movies.Who’s Andy? Well he’s this guy that, along with Misty from CinemaSchminemahave had the great idea of doing something called Nostalgiathon. Also, his plan for this year is to watch 300 movies. Currently he’s at movie #251 . Still 49 movies to go with 1 month and a half left of the year. Will he do it? Will he succeed? Probably. Hopefully. Everyone’s rooting for him! Hurrah!

Well, enough chit-chat, let’s get to the meat of the matter: The 3 for 1 feature with the year 2001.

3 for 1 – Andy Watches Movies

The year: 2001

The movies: Ocean’s Eleven, Planet of the Apes, Thirteen Ghosts

Common denominator:

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Yay, Nostalgiathon!

Cinema Schminema


We keep on getting entries in the Nostalgiathon 2012 series and I highly recommend you check them out!  Recently added include The Goonies from Rogue the Girl, Night of the Creeps from Eric over at theipc and Labyrinth from Natalie Stendall.  So give them some love and then write up your own Nostalgiathon entry!

And coming up next on Cinema Schminema is “I am Nancy”, Heather Langenkamp’s documentary about her days as Nancy in Nightmare on Elm Street and the documentary “Never Sleep Again” about the NoES series.  And then I’ll finally get to my own Nostalgiathon entries (including Labyrinth, Return to Oz and Monster Squad).

Yay Nostalgiathon!

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