Moneyball (3/24/12)

MoneyballMovie Sixty Two

Moneyball is a movie I had little to no interest in upon hearing about it and I put off watching it. After the Academy Awards I felt like I might be missing out if I don’t watch it and I would have been right.

Moneyball is a film about baseball but it’s not what I would really consider a sports movie. When I think of sports movies I think of movies like Remember the Titans where the formula is: root for the underdog and even if they don’t win they are better because of it. Moneyball is not that film.

I didn’t realize the film is based on true events, or rather I didn’t realize the story in the film actually happened. I thought it was a totally fictionalized story based on the Oakland A’s baseball team rather than a fictionalized reality.

The plot of the film centers around Billy Beane (Brad Pitt) who is the general manager for the Oakland A’s, a team with one of the smallest budgets in Major League Baseball. He travels to the Cleveland Indians where he meets young Peter Brand (Jonah Hill) who instantly impresses him with his take on managing baseball teams. They use a statistical formula to completely alter the way they get players and ruffle the feathers of all the old-timers along the way.

In case you don’t know the history behind Moneyball, I won’t spoil the details but I will say that it makes for a very interesting film. Deep understanding of the sport of baseball is not required as the mechanics are largely not touched on. As long as you know what first base is you should be able to grasp the majority of what’s being said.

As far as the Academy Awards are concerned, I’m not sure if Moneyball really deserves all the accolades. Yes, it’s a very good movie but I wasn’t blown away by anything. If you are on the fence about seeing Moneyball, I will say “give it a shot”. The worst you can do is waste two hours of your time but if you’re like me you will be very entertained.

I give it Sabermetrics out of 5.

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