The Adventures of Tintin (3/29/12)

Adventures of TintinMovie Sixty Six

The Adventures of Tintin should be a fantastic movie considering the talent involved. A film directed by Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson should be a smash hit, but Tintin  falls short.

It’s worth pointing out that audiences in the US are most likely unfamiliar with the character of Tintin, despite the long-running series’ popularity elsewhere. There isn’t a high wall of accessibility to the film, but some familiarity or nostalgia would probably help make it more enjoyable.

The film starts with Tintin, a reporter, and his dog, Snowy, in a market where he buys a model ship. He is immediately warned about the ship and then approached by a man willing to buy it. Later that evening the ship is stolen and Tintin goes on a quest to retrieve the model but also to uncover the mystery of why the ship is so important.

One thing about The Adventures of Tintin that I simply couldn’t shake is how weird the characters look. The art direction is a very odd mix of incredible realism and cartoonish. The character models are totally human from the neck down but their faces are totally grotesque in most cases. It’s a decision to make them look like realistic versions of their cartoon counterparts and it reminded me of realistic Mario. Everything inanimate looks absolutely stunning, however.

In fact, the computer generated world of Adventures of Tintin is incredible. The action is constant, but also oddly cartoonish at times. The overall package is something of a mixed bag where I’m not sure how things could have been better since this should be an incredible movie! Other than the weird character models I don’t have any serious specific complaints other than I was kind of bored, in spite of all the action on screen.

The Adventures of Tintin is almost like eating a bunch of donuts and ice cream for breakfast. It sounds delicious in theory but ultimately leaves you wanting something less tasty and more filling. The movie is not bad, but it’s also kind of uninteresting which is quite a feat considering the talent and eye candy involved.

I give it 3 cgi/cartoon comparisons out of 5.

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