Airplane! (2/3/12)


Movie Twenty

Deadpan deliveries, slapstick gags and ubiquitous wordplay make Airplane! the type of comedy that always offers up new laughs. The comedy is more often than not incredibly stupid, but also razor sharp. The actors don’t wait for laughs and they don’t skip a beat. Fans of the Naked Gun or Hot Shots movies will have probably already seen Airplane! since the style of humor is largely the same.

As a parody of disaster movies before the likes of schlock like Disaster Movie, Airplane! is about a case of food poisoning midair during a commercial flight. Honestly, the plot isn’t hugely important, it’s just a situation to poke fun at what could be a serious situation.

I’m having a hard time writing about Airplane! because it’s a movie that really just has to be seen to be appreciated. If you can watch this clip and not laugh, then you may not be interested in watching the full movie. In that 17 seconds it captures nearly everything that makes Airplane! great. A serious tone with a silly attitude.

I give it 4 Kareem Abdul-Jabbars out of 5.

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