Attack the Block (4/19/12)

Attack the BlockMovie Eighty Eight

Attack the Block is a modern sci-fi/horror movie with a comedic sense out of the UK that is more charming than some similar movies that have come out of Hollywood, but still falls a bit short.

When Attack the Block was released it seemed to surprise everyone that viewed it since it came out of nowhere. When I first read a review of it I had never even heard of it before and I was instantly curious about it. Fast forward to now and I’m sad to say I don’t believe Attack the Block truly lives up to the hype. It’s not a bad movie by any stretch, it does what it sets out to do quite admirably, it just felt a bit shallow to me.

The plot kicks in right from the start. A woman is walking home and is greeted by teenage thugs, but while they are mugging her a meteor-type-thing falls into a nearby car. An alien appears, the thugs kill it and go on about their thuggish ways. Then more aliens appear, but this time they are even meaner and bigger and they mean business. It’s up to this group of street toughs to save the world.

Some things that didn’t work for me would be the kids and the lack of any backstory or explanation. These kids that mug a woman in the first few minutes of the film are the heroes? Sure, the woman becomes their ally later, but how many other women have they mugged? The main guy, Moses (John Boyega) is an unwilling hero, but I didn’t find him particularly likable or anything. Also, the aliens come and go without any reason. That isn’t a fault, per se, in fact it helps keep the movie focused, but I would have liked to know a bit more. The aliens themselves are really neat looking, and for a low-budget movie like this the special effects are pretty good.

I certainly didn’t hate Attack the Block, I did enjoy it but there was nothing that really grabbed me. I watched it and was interested, but once it was over I was fine with that. Sci-fi/horror buffs or fans of Nick Frost will probably enjoy watching it, but it’s not the genre’s savior film like I would have liked it to be.

I give it 3 “those aren’t eyes” out of 5.

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