Blade Runner (6/22/12)

Blade RunnerMovie One Hundred Forty Six

In Blade Runner, in the dystopian near future, replicants, androids that look exactly like humans become illegal on Earth and it is up to a group known as Blade Runners to hunt them down.

Los Angeles 2019, Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford) is a Blade Runner that seems to have seen it all. He is given a job to hunt down a group of rogue replicants that need to be “retired”. We learn that replicants, who are implanted with memories and totally indistinguishable from humans except for their emotions, have a four year lifespan but the ones here illegally are seen as a threat.

I realize that isn’t a very good summary of the film for those who have seen it, this is a movie that simply needs to be watched to be fully appreciated. For some reason, even though I have seen Blade Runner several times over the years, I remember next to nothing about it each time I watch it. The positive side of that is that each time I watch it it’s almost entirely new to me and I can appreciate it but the downside is I don’t appreciate until it’s fresh in my memory again.

Hailed by many as the best sci-fi film ever made, it was not originally a success. The world created for the film is indeed spectacular. It’s scary to think that it takes place just 7 years in the future (where are our flying cars, huh future?) but the atmosphere is great. Harrison Ford gives an amazing performance along with the entire cast.

Currently, the Blu-Ray out has multiple versions of the film spanning several discs. It’s a large set that isn’t very expensive but it absolutely chock full of Blade Runner goodness. I highly recommend it, even if you haven’t seen Blade Runner before. I watched the “final cut”, whatever that means but since I have memory lapse on the film in general, I couldn’t outline the differences so Wikipedia to the rescue!

While I wouldn’t say that Blade Runner has the best story, what it does have is a great universe created and great production values. I wanted to watch Ridley Scott’s older work to glean any information on how I thought Prometheus might hold up 30 years later and I think history will be kind on Prometheus but not as kind as it has been to Blade Runner.

I give it 4 LA eyeball reflections out of 5.

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