Cabin in the Woods (4/24/12)

Cabin in the WoodsMovie Ninety Five

Cabin in the Woods is fantastic film and fresh take on a somewhat stagnating genre.

It is almost impossible to write anything worthwhile about Cabin in the Woods without spoiling the plot. I say this because I’ve been wrestling in my head about how to actually write this post, make you want to see the film (if you haven’t already) but keep the element of surprise in the hands of the film itself. I haven’t come up with a good way to do that.

The best way to enjoy Cabin in the Woods is to just watch it. Watch it without knowing a single thing about the plot. Go in thinking that you’re going to see some teenagers at a cabin (in the woods) and they are going to get killed. Even with all the hype surrounding this one I managed to stay away from any spoilers and I was so very thankful for it.

Cabin in the Woods has been compared to movies like Scream, in that it takes a new take on the horror genre but I think that comparison isn’t fair to Cabin in the Woods. At its core, it is a horror movie but it’s also not. My wife wouldn’t go see this one with me because she detests horror movies but this is the anti-horror-movie horror movie. There are few scary elements and buckets of gore, but the film itself denies convention.

I hope I danced around it enough for people that haven’t seen it and said enough of it for people that have. I will say this again, see Cabin in the Woods for yourself and try to go in with a clean slate. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

I give it 4 “teens” in a cabin…in the woods out of 5.

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