Cashback (5/11/12)

CashbackMovie One Hundred Fourteen

Cashback is a stylish indie film out of the UK whose main character cleverly uses the mechanic of stopping time to view the world around him.

Ben (Sean Biggerstaff) is a college student that breaks up with his girlfriend and as a result loses the ability to sleep. He uses his new found time to catch up on some things, draw, and eventually gets a part time job at a supermarket for the night shift. He eventually imagines he can freeze time and begins to manipulate the situations and patrons for his amusement. The female patrons are of particular interest, as Ben poses them and draws them as his own living art subjects. Ben eventually falls for a coworker and the two begin to get acquainted as Ben’s insomnia begins to falter.

It would be easy to call Cashback explicit or perverted, but while there is a lot of nudity, most of it isn’t there for deviancy. I was quite taken with the style that Cashback is shot, narrated and performed. The plot begins to drag a bit near the middle, but considering the film originally started as an 18 minute short that became a full length 102 minute feature, I can be forgiving of that.

Cashback would be easy to recommend to a younger audience, males especially, since they will be most receptive to the material but it would be interesting to have multiple perspectives of the film from varying demographics. Cashback is a good, unique film and while I enjoyed watching it I’m unsure if I would want to watch this again in its entirety. I hope to see more films from the writer/director Sean Ellis in the future, though. I think there is a tremendous promise in his style of filmmaking.

I give it 4 martial arts masters out of 5.

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