Godzilla [1954] (1/25/12)

GodzillaMovie Fifteen

When Criterion announced they were releasing Godzilla I laughed out loud. My next step was preordering it instantly. The Godzilla movies were some of my favorites growing up but unlike Gamera, Godzilla movies are still pretty awesome.

I hadn’t watched the original Godzilla (aka Gojira) since I was younger so I was curious to see if there was a lot of anti-nuclear propaganda but there really wasn’t much. Even though the premise of a giant nuclear dinosaur thing is kind of silly, the Japanese movie is serious without being too serious for its own good.

The American counterpart, titled Godzilla: King of Monsters! is essentially the same movie but with American actors. It has a lighter tone but is essentially the same film. While I watched the Japanese version, if I wasn’t in the mood to watch a subtitled movie but still wanted to watch Godzilla I would watch the American version without thinking twice.

One extra cool bonus for this Criterion release is a pop-up case with Godzilla’s head. Something I was not expecting but went “awww sweet!” when I opened it up. Godzilla as a Criterion release still makes me flinch a little bit, but they treated it with the same respect they do for all their releases.

I give it 4 guys in rubber monster suits out of 5.

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