Favorite Patriotic Films (For July 4th)

I know some of you are from parts of the world that couldn’t care less about American independence day, but what are some of your favorite films that involve the fourth of July and/or US patriotism?

Just to name a few of my picks…

  • Jaws – Takes place around the 4th of July. Anybody going swimming today?
  • Born on the Fourth of July – Obvious title aside, it makes us think about the price of serving in the military.
  • Independence Day – Nothing says “patriotism” like blowing up the White House in your film, right?
  • Return of the Living Dead – Kind of morbid if you really think about the implications here…but it takes place on the 4th.

And the best for last…The Shining because of the date in the end shot (SPOILERS if you haven’t seen it)

So, do you have any movies that inspire patriotism or that you regularly watch around this time of year?