A Trip to the Moon (5/9/12)

Trip to the MoonMovie One Hundred Thirteen

A Trip to the Moon (Le Voyage dans la lune) by the film pioneer Georges Méliès is likely his most famous work, and given a large new audience in the film Hugo.

Historically, the films of Méliès are hugely important to cinema. A Trip to the Moon is regarded as the first science-fiction film, in fact. Méliès was originally a magician who was charmed by film and decided to bridge his two talents into many (531 between 1896 and 1913, according to Wikipedia) films. To call him anything other than a genius would be wrong.

A Trip to the Moon itself is about a group of astronomers that launch a rocket to the moon. After landing in the eye of the man on the moon, they disembark. Soon the group is attacked by aliens. After a struggle, the group leaves the moon and travels back to Earth where they are celebrated. Don’t take my highly abbreviated version, please watch the film yourself if you haven’t already.

It’s worth noting that I watched a recently restored fully hand-tinted color version on Blu-Ray with a soundtrack by Air. While the film has been pieced together from several sources for maximum posterity, it is a bit rough in spots but still a remarkable achievement and a wonder to watch. It is also accompanied by a documentary about the film and the process, which I will write about separately sometime soon. With films like Hugo, technology like Blu-Ray, and the wonders of the Internet, I’m so pleased films like A Trip to the Moon are getting revisited.

I give this 5 man on the moon‘s out of 5.

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