Crazy, Stupid, Love (1/6/12)

Crazy, Stupid, LoveMovie Three

Let me preface by saying I hate romcoms. It’s a miracle if I can make it past the initial 15 minute setup of one. Let me also preface by saying that Ryan Gosling is my man-crush. Turns out, Crazy, Stupid, Love is an enjoyable movie that doesn’t fall into too many romcom traps.

It’s almost unfair to even call Crazy, Stupid, Love a romcom but since the entire movie is about romance and relationships, it’s going to stick. As a complete hit-or-miss fan of Steve Carell’s, I was more worried that things would turn into him yelling nonsense and the plot falling apart. It seems like the editors thought the same thing and just when there seems to be too much Carell they switch to something else to keep things enjoyable.

The story is fairly simple; Couple A (Carell and Moore) has a failing marriage. Carell meets Gosling at a bar and being the super smooth guy he is, Gosling takes Carell under his wing (yes, pun intended). Then Gosling meets Emma Stone and become Couple B who is the first girl to make him doubt his playa ways. The stories of Couples A and B intertwine near the end in a way that is completely unforced and actually surpising. In fact, there weren’t many times were I was rolling my eyes at things and I think that is a testament to the cast.

Crazy, Stupid, Love does many things well. I would definitely recommend it to everyone, but I think it makes a great date ‘movie night’ since the guy will probably actually enjoy the movie as well.

I give this 4 shirtless Ryan Goslings out of 5.

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