My Week With Marilyn (5/26/12)

My Week With MarilynMovie One Hundred Thirty

In My Week With Marilyn young assistant on the set of a film starring Marilyn Monroe befriends her and provides each of them an escape from their own life.

Based on the true story by Colin Clark, My Week With Marilyn is about Colin’s (played by Eddie Redmayne) foray into film by getting a position with Sir Lawrence Olivier’s (Kenneth Branagh) production company for the filming of The Prince and Showgirl. There he meets Marilyn herself (Michelle Williams) and the two become close friends / lovers? both on and off set.

There isn’t much to My Week With Marilyn from a plot perspective, the main conflict of the film is that Marilyn shouldn’t have further distractions on set and Colin is a distraction. The film plays up the futile romance portion of their relationship quite a bit, to the point where I had quite a hard time stomaching some of the details. Even though this actually happened, I find the finer points had to either embellished or totally fabricated. Could every single thing have happened? Sure, like they say, truth is stranger than fiction, but for the sake of judging only the film, I smell BS.

Some interesting things do come out about Marilyn’s acting ability and her work ethic, as well as those of Sir Olivier. I found those aspects of the film to be the most enjoyable, actually. Both Williams and Branagh give fantastic performances here but I thought Branagh’s performance as Olivier was actually the more impressive of the two. Overall, I enjoyed watching My Week With Marilyn but was bored by most of it. When it ended I didn’t care about what had happened and it’s such a small slice of time the film dictates that it’s fairly inconsequential. Watch My Week With Marilyn for the performances, not the story.

I give it 3 true to life Marilyn Monroe comparisons out of 5.

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