Microcosmos (3/16/12)

MicrocosmosMovie Fifty Two

Let me make one thing clear about Microcosmos: There are absolutely no praying mantises wearing sunglasses. It also has no dinosaurs, so I’m not sure why there’s a tie-in to Jurassic Park.

Microcosmos, despite the weird cover art, is a documentary-type film with closeup shots of all sorts of insects. There is no real narrative, and the soundtrack is a mix of actual sounds and ambient music. Whereas Baraka shot different events worldwide, Microcosmos seems be worldwide but only covers insects.

The film itself is fairly short and entirely enjoyable. It came out years before Planet Earth, but the idea behind it is essentially the same. If David Attenborough decided to narrate Microcosmos, it would pretty much be identical to an episode from that miniseries.

There isn’t much to say beyond what I have already said. Microcosmos is a very enjoyable film, but I am a sucker for these nature documentary shows. Considering it came out in 1996, the visuals are quite impressive and the subject matter is timeless, though the soundtrack is kind of weird.

I give it 4 dung beetle dramas out of 5.

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