The Mummy [1999] (12/11/12)

The Mummy [1999]Movie Two Hundred Seventy Seven

When an archaeological team find a lost ancient city they awaken an ancient curse of the The Mummy.

In ancient Egypt, in the city of Hamunaptra, high priest Imhotep (Arnold Vosloo) is involved in an affair with the Pharoah’s mistress, Anck Su Namun (Patricia Velasquez). After Anck Su Namun kills herself, Imhotep tries resurrecting her soul, but is caught by the Pharoah’s guards and mummified alive and cursed. Flash forward to the 1920s, Evelyn “Evy” Carnahan (Rachel Weisz), an Egyptologist, is presented with an unusual box by her brother, Jon (John Hannah) that contains a map to Hamunaptra inside. Jon confesses that he actually stole the item from Rick O’Connell (Brandan Fraser), who is about to be hanged. Evy and Jon save Rick and the three decide to try to find Hamunaptra only to discover a rival set of adventurers are looking for the same treasure and in their search, the two teams awaken Imhotep.

I was a bit cautious tackling The Mummy again, but after being in Universal Studios, my wife and I discovered a great ride there based on The Mummy movies. While The Mummy has not aged flawlessly, it still holds up quite well and is still my preferred version over the 1930s film starring Boris Karloff. While the special effects were, at the time, bleeding edge, The Mummy has some CGI effects that don’t quite look dated but are close to it. Still, for a blockbuster summer adventure movie, The Mummy holds its own in most regards.

There are undoubtedly some horror aspects to The Mummy but it is by and large an adventure film meant for a wide audience. There are lots of gags and one-liners that lighten the mood but most characters get at least one chance for either some slapstick or comedy routine and after awhile it started to grate on me a bit. Or maybe Branden Fraser just kind of bugs me, I’m not sure. With the rumblings of yet another Mummy movie coming soon, I hope they shift the focus to more horror/action-adventure and leave some of the lighter aspects out. It may drastically darken up the film but after enduring attempted joke after joke, some even with pauses for laughter it seems, I’m up for a dark version of The Mummy.

I can’t speak much to the sequels and spin-offs, but I’ve always been fond of The Mummy. It’s probably not going to make it on any of my ‘favorites’ lists but it’s a fine, solid film that I certainly wouldn’t mind watching every few years or so.

I give it 3 the most shocking thing is how different Rachel Weisz looks out of 5.

PS – If you get a chance, check out the ride for The Mummy at Universal Studios (in Florida, not sure about California), it’s pretty amazing.

PPS – I would have sworn Billy Zane played Imhotep…

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