Raising Arizona (1/20/12)

Raising ArizonaMovie Twelve

I love Coen brother movies and Raising Arizona is no exception. One of my favorite films ever is The Big Lebowski (we even named our dog after him) and Raising Arizona is certainly a movie I could watch no matter what mood I am in.

The story centers around career criminal Nic Cage, who falls for a cop (Holly Hunter). The couple decide they want kids but can’t have any so they decide to kidnap one of the Arizona family quintuplets and raise it as their own. Like any good Coen brother film, stories twist and weave all over the place without feeling too hectic and all come back to one single place.

A few years ago, before Nic Cage became a caricature of himself, watching him in this movie he was in perfect form. Watching it now, knowing how ridiculous his career has become…Well, it’s refreshing to have the old Nic Cage back, even though he is still silly.

Even writing about Raising Arizona immediately got the theme song stuck in my head and I could probably watch the whole diaper theft scene right now.If you don’t know what I’m talking about, please do yourself a favor and watch Raising Arizona.

I give it 4 jars of hair grease out of 5.

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