The Gate (4/4/12)

The GateMovie Seventy Three

The Gate is one of countless horror movies to come out of the 80s and it’s fairly average in most every sense but also pretty enjoyable.

I don’t think I had never heard of The Gate until Netflix put it in my top 10 recommendations. I thought “wow, this may be a really cool movie” and after watching it I wondered why Netflix thought I would like it so much. Probably my love of C.H.U.D.

The plot of The Gate is really told through the cover art. A meteor hits a tree and opens a gate to hell and the kids living at this house have to stop it. The main character, Glen, is played by a young Stephen Dorff, so that is kind of neat. The special effects are one of the main standouts. Stop-motion animation is a favorite of mine, I’ve always appreciated it. The demons themselves look kind of silly, almost like flesh-colored Greedo from Star Wars, but they look surprisingly good for a movie like this.

I’m sure The Gate was a cash-in for the horror movie craze at the time and while I enjoyed watching it, it falls into so many cliches and predictable elements. You know how the movie is going to end even before you watch it, but I guess that could be said for a lot of horror movies that are still enjoyable. I’d recommend The Gate to horror movie fans, fans of 80s movies, people that wish heavy-metal albums had the power to open/close gates to hell, or people just looking to kill some 90 minutes. The movie also did well enough for a sequel, apparently.

I give it 3 eyes in hands out of 5.

PS – This is some of the fashion you have to look forward to

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