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Watched this one again, this time on blu-ray!

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GoodfellasMovie One Hundred Twenty One and One Hundred Sixty Seven

Goodfellas is based on the true life story of Henry Hill, a former member of the New York mob.

Goodfellas starts with a young Henry (Ray Liotta) growing up working for mob boss Paul Cicero (Paul Sorvino), first as a porter and errand boy and eventually one of the leading members. We meet other mob members Tommy and Jimmy (Joe Pesci and Robert De Niro, respectively) and the three have differing experiences with the mafia lifestyle. Life changes for all of them after a particularly large heist.

Some of the most dedicated followers may know that I consider Goodfellas my favorite movie of all time. My above plot synopsis doesn’t do the film much justice, it doesn’t touch on any of the characters, the humor, the dialogue, the violence, the allure of the mafia, the directing, the soundtrack, the acting…I…

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14 responses to “Goodfellas Reblog

  1. This is a film I could watch again and again and again and never get tired of. Goodfellas is definitely on of my all time favorites. I’m glad you could see it again.

  2. It seems my parents, who were at an absolute “no” on the genre a few years ago, are steadily allowing me to see more and more of the crime genre. I recently just finished off the Godfather trilogy, and yesterday I got a chance to see Fargo, which I’m DYING to watch again. So who knows? I might get to see GoodFellas sometime soon after all, along with maybe Pulp Fiction. Nice to see this reposted.

    About Blu Ray: I’ve seen a lot of advertisement for it, and I know a lot of people use it. It’s one of those things, like Netflix and (not anymore at least) premium TV channels, that I, a movie fanatic, do not use. How much better is it than playing regular DVDs? Is it worth the cost for buying a Blu Ray player, and then the upcharge from standard DVDs? Just curious, as I always am. ‘Cause I watch most movies on a 48″ flat screen TV (maybe 42″ or 44″) and unless I venture within a distance at which a) I can become subject to seizures at any minute and b) what my range of vision is showing other than the TV is like a picture frame (the TV itself being a picture in the comparison), the resolution seems fine to me. Thanks again.

    • I hope your parents understand that you aren’t in it for the things that make a film R-rated, but rather the film as a whole. It sounds like they are starting to come around so I hope you do get a chance to see these films!

      As for Blu-Ray…It depends, really. The biggest benefits (to me) are extra features and the sound. The soundtracks are almost always uncompressed so you don’t usually have to worry about spoken parts coming over as whispers and explosions breaking your eardrums. Since the max size of a BD is 50GB and the max of a DVD is about 8GB, you are getting a huge jump in available space on a disc and the better releases take full advantage of that, usually.

      While many seem to think that BD is mainly for CGI-fest blockbuster movies, I’ve found that older movies that are restored with some thought look absolutely amazing. Criterion and Warner Bros. are especially wonderful at this, but there are lots of great releases out there. I don’t know if you buy a lot of your movies or how you view them, but Blu-Ray costs about the same as DVD and also comes with the DVD just in case. I wouldn’t say it’s necessary to upgrade, but it’s a worthwhile upgrade.

      I would recommend Netflix fully, though. I watch so many movies through their Instant Watch program that I don’t know how I lived without it. Maybe I’ll take some time soon and break some of this stuff down in a technical sense. It may benefit some folks, but let me know if you have any questions.

  3. While I do enjoy Goodfellas, Casino will always hold a higher place in my heart. Still, the best Scorsese film for me is Taxi Driver.

    First time on the site — very nice Andy, very nice.

    • Lots of Casino love, looks like I’ve gotta watch that one sooner than later. Taxi Driver is a total classic, I used to watch it a lot until I started watching Goodfellas more 😉

      Thanks much! Hope to see you around often

  4. interesting how casino and goodfellas are often held together. i have friends who have a good amount of mob knowledge, and we often debate which is a better film. i’m more of a fan of goodfellas. they’re more of a fan of casino.

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