Have you ever walked out of a movie? (Friday Question Fun)

It’s Friday (is it me or are the weeks just flying by?) again and I’m here with yet another groundbreaking (ok, not really) question for you all.

Have you ever walked out of a movie?

If so, which movie?

If not, have you wanted to but stayed because you had already paid?

I don’t think I’ve ever actually walked out of a movie in a theater before. I have set aside my better judgment and tortured myself to sit through some awful movies too – Big Momma’s House, I’m looking at you.

At home, I can swiftly act with a bit more prejudice. The wonders of Netflix Instant allow me to start a film I think might be terrible and if it is, well, I can just turn that turd right off. No real harm done.

What about you?

145 responses to “Have you ever walked out of a movie? (Friday Question Fun)

  1. Date Movie. I don’t even know why I went in to begin with.

    Also Snakes on A Plane, but then I ended up going back another day to watch it…. still don’t know why.

    Otherwise, I try to stick through it. I usually pick good movies to go to beforehand, putting myself in a position where I never am tempted to actually walk out.

      • It’s just such an abominable! The worst part is I had been so excited about it because of the cast. I knew it was gonna be a dumb, loud movie but still, did it have to be THAT dumb? I heard the sequel is better though, but no way would I pay money to see it on the big screen.

  2. Yes I have, The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. I walked out because we were sitting in the front row, and our necks were killing us. We came back later and got a better seat.

    My mom has wanted to leave the theater watching Step Brothers, but didn’t because she already paid. I told her there is such a thing as refunds.

    • That’s a damn good reason to walk out if it’s starting to hinder your comfort. I’m all about the comfort of viewing a movie.

      I always wonder how theater managers react to people asking for their money back. I imagine they have a hard time with it if the person ends up watching the whole movie and then demands a refund. If everyone did that they wouldn’t make any money.

  3. Andy,
    I love this question. Yes. When I was a younger Le Clown, I went to see True Stories with my father. He was a huge Talking Heads fan. I was too young, I couldn’t get David Byrne’s humour. I walked out, my father stayed. I now appreciate the movie. And Talking Heads. A great deal.
    Le Clown

    • Funny how that can happen. I can’t think of any examples of that happening with me but I know it has. Always good to revisit things after you’ve had time to grow. Glad you’ve grown to appreciate Byrne now too.

  4. I’ve never walked out of a movie at the theater. It’s not the fact that I paid for it, it’s like I have this obligation to finish a movie once I start watching, you know? The thought has crossed my mind, though. Recently, it happened to me with John Carter and The Avengers. I was NOT enjoying myself.

    One time at home, though, I was watching I Heart Huckabees on DVD and I threw that shit away. Just awful and pretentious and ugh.

  5. I, like you have wasted too many countless hours sitting through crap films, but only a few have garnered the esteemed walkout from an actual theater (like you said, I couldn’t name those that I’ve started at home and shut off).

    Tomb Raider: Made it about halfway through, couldn’t take anymore and left without asking for a refund.

    Changing Lanes: oh man was I bored to tears with this movie

    Charlie and the Chocolate Factory: The film was bad, but the group of kids yelling in the back set me over the edge and I didn’t want to waste anymore time.

    Close but No Cigar movie: Mortal Kombat:Annihilation Wow, what a steaming pile of crap that movie is

    • All movies I could see myself walking out of too. Your comment about the kids during Charlie and the Chocolate factory reminds me of a few experiences I’ve had where I’ve wanted to walk about but I don’t think I ended up doing it.

    • Same here, though I have been going out to movies a bit more than normal since starting the site. If I was doing something where my goal was to see every movie in theaters I would likely walk out (or strongly consider walking out) of a few.

  6. Believe it or not, I walked out of “Jurassic Park”. I was 11 when it came out and was with my dad at the theatre. As embarrassing as it is to admit, it scared the crap out of 11-year-old me and I asked if we could leave about three quarters through because I was nauseas with fear.

  7. The most mad I got at a movie was at home during ‘Epic Movie’. My sister in-law brought it over to watch. It was around the time they were falling into a river of shit in the Willy Wonka ‘parody’ that I got up out of my seat and proceeded to go on a rant about how terrible the movie was and ended up just walking out of the room

  8. I can’t stop watching a movie (at home or the theater) once I start. It’s one of my self-imposed rules to keep me from giving up on my blog.

    However, back in the day, I almost walked out of The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl, but was too embarrassed for anyone else in there to see me leave.

  9. I’ve never walked out of the cinema as I usually try to pick carefully anyway. I remember watching Melancholia at home and just getting really frustrated with how boring I found it – turned it off after thirty or forty minutes. That’s the only thing I remember turning off – not got a good long term memory mind, especially when talking about films I never finished watching.

  10. A few times. Did it with Savages earlier this year, only to see MIB:3 (two horrible movies in one night. Ouch.) I did it a few years back with a movie called Ninja Assassin – way too violent and way too stupid. I know there’s a few more, but I can’t recall them.

  11. I’ve never walked out of a movie. You pay good money to be there, and you never know whether or not the movie is going to get better (or at least veer into the l and of laughably enjoyable cheese) by the end. The closest I ever came to walking out was during The Collector (2009) because it was pretty gory (but I opted to cover my eyes instead, haha).

  12. I have walked out of only one movie and that was Scorsese’s Taxi Driver in 1976. It had gotten to the point in the film where Travis is getting shot to rag-doll ribbons and it was a blood bath on screen. Of course a few years later I couldn’t believe I’d thought it was that bad, but at the time, it felt like violence for the sake of violence. When I watched the film again, it became a firm favourite. This time I focused on the character of Travis Bickle and not the violence itself. It made a world of difference. I did get drug out of a cinema by my first wife though, we were watching Diane Keaton in Looking for Mr Goodbar…kind of self explanatory if you’ve seen the film. 🙂

    • My grandparents walked out of Psycho when it was in theaters and derided the film for being too violent (the shower scene is when they left) and now that they are in their 80s they see movies that are exponentially more violent and don’t seem to bat an eye.

      I may have to check out Looking for Mr. Goodbar…:)

  13. I’ve wanted to walk out of a few films, but the two I actually did were “Jason Goes to Hell” (which was playing at a dollar show and wasn’t worth the price of admission) and “RV” (and saw “Cars” instead–I guess I was in a vehicle mood that night).

    • Jason Goes to Hell isn’t worth much, you’re definitely right.
      I thought RV looked hilarious for some reason but I never got around to seeing it nor do I really care that I never got a chance to see it.

      • About the time in the movie where the septic pump on the RV backed up and spewed sewage all over the characters was the point where I asked my date if we needed to stay any longer. We left.

  14. When I was a little girl I had to beg my mother to leave Rumpelstiltskin because that thing terrified me lol Other than that the Watchmen movie but that was because of my other half at the time. He was a big fan and kept like, twitching with anger at what he was seeing so we left. Superman I wanted to walk out of, that was pretty painful to sit through esp cause I had decided in the first 10 minutes or so it would be awful.

  15. Great question, Andy. Never have, but I could think of two examples of where I wanted to. The more recent was 2004’s Shark’s Tale (attending with my spouse and kids). Both my wife and I looked at the cultural stereotypes used as humor in the film as something quite awful. We stayed, but used it as a teaching moment when we discussed it with our children afterwards. The other was in 1976. Snuff was someone’s inane publicity stunt to shoot what would look for all intents and purposes as a real ‘snuff’ film. I would have walked out, if I hadn’t been the projectionist screening it for those, few, who bought tickets to the movie.

    • Shark Tale is despicable in its usage of stereotypes, I totally agree. I watched it because Martin Scorsese was in it and it was a chore to make it all the way through.
      I’ve only heard about Snuff, but I’m not sure I even want to give it a watch for curiosity’s sake.

  16. I’ve never walked out of a theatre… though I was tempted to in the case of The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle. But I’ve seldom even seen a film I didn’t like in the theatre; the only other case I can think of was 300, and with that I was at least enjoying myself by laughing at how bad it was.

    At home, nowadays I seldom stop watching a film before it’s done, out of blogger obligation. I stopped one film, whose title I don’t remember, after watching Not Another Not Another Movie, though; I couldn’t bear to watch another bad film immediately after that.

  17. Great question! I’ve never walked out of a film in the theatre and very very rarely will even turn off one at home. There’s something (twisted?, masochistic?) in me that needs to see the end even if I’m not enjoying it. I definitely wanted to walk out of Borat. I know many think Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius, but man I found it really challenging to sit through an hour and half of his schtick. If I hadn’t been with a group of friends I think I would’ve been done even before the practically nude wrestling scene with his producer. Ick.

  18. I’ve never walked out of a film before, but there’s a few films I wish I’d walked out of. Little Fockers (2010) was one of these. I saw it with one of my friends…don’t remember if I had paid or not, but I guess he probably enjoyed it more than I did. The occasional moments that cracked me a guilty smile kept me from walking out of what was, essentially, the average “threequel” comedy: recycling old jokes and creating new, dumbed down gags that aren’t even realistic.

    Another was Twilight: Breaking Dawn – Part 1 (2011). My mother enjoyed the books as much as I did (though perhaps she made her way past the egregious writing, which for me, faulted the interesting twist on Beauty and the Beast), so she has gone with me for the last three and paid for them as well. No monetary issue for me there, but I felt like I was trying to fall asleep in a nice, cool area, while all I heard was people delivering dialog as if reading it directly off a script. Excruciating. I do plan on seeing Part 2 just to say I saw it. If it’s as bad as I think it will be, then I already have a grade and a bottom line planned: “F” and something crappy like “I don’t know if a bear shits in the woods, but it’s evident that a vampire can shit in the Hollywood.”

  19. I nearly walked out during Avatar because the old man sitting next to me kept falling asleep on my shoulder and I had to keep nudging him away. It was sort of creepy, sadly every other seat was filled. I also almost walked out during Yes Man, but I stayed because my girlfriend at the time was enjoying it. If I had known how that relationship was going to end, I would have walked out. 😛

  20. Dr. Seuss’ The Cat in the Hat (2003). One of the worst films ever made. A twisted trashing of the beloved children’s book with sexual innuendo. Headache-inducing for adults and inappropriate for kids.

  21. My friend and I walked out of “Office Space” in college and it later became a movie I watched several times, lol. I *wanted* to walk out of The Avengers but since I was at the drive in, well it was too complicated.

  22. Dark Water – not because it was bad, but I couldn’t take the audience. It was only like four or five of us in there, but these three sitting together wouldn’t shut up. It made me so mad that I stormed out in protest. The problem was I went the wrong way. I had to then walk back across the cinema to get to the exit. So my grand exit was a major blunder.

    There are others as well, but they escape me at the moment.

  23. The only times I’ve come close to walking out were during Black Hawk Down and Transformers. Black Hawk Down coz’ it was incomprehensible – who’s who and why should I care? And Transformers for its sheer stupidity and the scene where the robot takes a wiz on John Turturro – what the Hell was THAT about?! As a result, I haven’t sat through another movie by either director since (well, okay, I did go see Prometheus – but only out of curiosity to see whether Scott had redeemed himself or not – he didn’t). 🙂

  24. I make a real effort not to walk out of/turn off a film once I’ve started watching it. I can say I’ve never walked out of a cinema before the end of a film. Closest I came? Probably the giant bug sci-fi horror thing ‘Mimic’, which I now google and find out was directed by Guillermo del Toro, which I didn’t even know until now, so, hey!, I’m kind of glad I sat through it now!

    I struggle with my credo since I got married 12 months ago. My wife will put on some Jennifer Aniston film, I try to leave the room since I know I’ll force myself to watch it all the way through if I see the start of it, arguments ensue. I have seen a lot of Jennifer Aniston films all the way through 😦

  25. I have never walked out of, fallen asleep in, or otherwise not complete a movie in a cinema before. Well, there was one time when I was drunkenly making out with my girlfriend (at the time) throughout the entirety of The Matrix (in hindsight, I really should’ve been watching the movie cos it’s awesome)… but otherwise, no.

    I really really really wanted to walk out of Epic Movie though… but professionalism (I was a movie reviewer at the time) kept me in there.

  26. Only once have I left a screening early, and that was Jurassic Park 2. I wasn’t the greatest flick in the world but it was running long and I had to go to work. I’ve turned plenty off at home though. No shame in that.

    • I have never walked out of the movie I just choose the one’s I like if there was no option then I go for the next best thing. I did fell asleep though in some cases but not directly it was lame or just tired coming from work or something…

      1. Sin City – too much narrative so I bought a steelbook case DVD to say my apologies to Frank Miller
      2. Wild Hogs – boring and tired no sleep yet (call centre days)
      3. Pirates of The Caribbean: At World’s End – too long and boring
      4. X-Men: The Last Stand – coming from work double feature movie treat for my siblings. The second film really woke me up…Silent Hill

      I might have walked out of Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever but did not…:D

  27. Actually I don’t think I have although I have fell asleep or played with my phone till the end of a couple of real duds (Repo Men and Bad Girls come to mind).

  28. Life’s too short to sit through something you don’t like. I’ve walked out of the theater on more than half a dozen occasions. Last one I remember was The Taking of the Pelham 123 (2009). The one movie I regret most not walking out of was The Crew (2000).

  29. I left Father of the Bride and Untamed Heart. Untamed Heart was so awful I asked for my money back and got it, probably because it was in the first 15 minutes. I wouldn’t ask for my money back now, but I was a snotty and entitled teenager. I would walk out of a really bad movie, though. When I saw Kids I was so disturbed I had to take a break in the lobby and come back in (only came back because my gf wouldn’t leave, that heifer.)

  30. Never walked out of a film, but not for want of trying. During “The Blue Bird” I actually got out of my seat several times and started making my way to the exit only to sit down merely closer to the source of sweet relief, but never quite making it all the way to the door. During “The Wiz” I was entertained by others doing the same thing. This is not to say I haven’t had the occasion to stop paying attention to what was on the screen- this was especially true during the last two-thirds of “New York Stories” and the entirety of both “History of the World Part 1” and “The Blair Witch Project”. It’s not the money that keeps me there, just stubbornness.

  31. I’ve never walked out. I guess I don’t really see that many movies in theaters and when I do go I’m usually fairly selective. The only times I’ve wanted to walk out were because of annoying people in the theater, not the actual movie.

    I don’t even stop movies when watching them at home (or wherever). The few times I have I ended up watching them again later and was fine. Just a mood thing.

    • Annoying people are more annoying than an annoying movie because annoying people can even ruin a good film. Good point.

      Mood is hugely important when watching movies there are probably more than a few films I should revisit with a different mindset.

  32. here’s a question for you to post: if there’s a movie that you really want to see based on the trailers, and then you see negative reviews, will you still go see it?

  33. I left the theater during Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen and just kind of wandered around the lobby for a while because I wanted to just leave but my wife insisted on staying because we bought the tickets. Does your toddler getting antsy and making you leave count?

  34. Andy:

    A fun topic, one that brought back some great memories.

    Used to be a big horror fan (not so much any more) and heard about a movie called “City of the Walking Dead”. It was excrutiatingly badly made and at one point there’s a shot of a TV studio, lasses in workout tights…all at once some zombies lurch into frame and start chewing on these poor ladies–

    “That’s it,” my buddy Brent erupted from his seat. “I’ve seen enough.”

    I followed after him to get our money back but I wasn’t much use because I was nearly apoplectic with laughter. It took a lot to get my pal worked up but zombies pulling the innards out of workout girls was the last straw.


    Thanks, Andy.

    My morning chuckle…

  35. I have never done such thing….yet. Maybe it’s because I am a picky person, I never went to cinema unless I know it would be a good movie…or at least it has my favorite actors.

    However…I do often turned off DVD because the movie was too boring.

  36. I never have (theater, DVD, streaming)… ever since I started writing reviews. Even with movies like freakin’ “A Serbian Film” where it’s all ugliness and humiliation in every turn, I endure the torture of sitting there and watching the thing. ‘Cause then if I don’t, I’d feel like I am not justified to write a scathing review about it. So when someone reads my review and attacks my point of view of it, I’d know exactly what they’re talking about (if they’re making any sense) and can retort. ( I like to be prepared in an argument. lol)

    • I am largely the same way since I started the site but I don’t mind turning off a film if I don’t write about it. I’ve done that a handful of times and I just don’t count it. I try to keep a more open mind about things now just for the sake of writing, but sometimes I’m just not in the mood.

  37. I walked out of “Places in the Heart”. It’s not a bad movie, but I was young and easily bored. I usually will stay and suffer through if I’m the one who pays, and since I usually go alone you can see how that works out.

  38. Great question.

    I think once – Clash of the Titans – not the 2010 version but the 1981 version. Instead of walking out, I may have fallen asleep on numerous other occasions. Since I’ve been doing film reviews – I try to select films that I am predisposed to like rather than to waste both time and money.

    • The only thing that kept me going through Clash of the Titans was Harryhausen’s work.

      I’ve been selective about my theatrical experiences too, but I also make sure I pay extra attention to something if I’m going to write about it.

  39. I remember about 5 or 6 years ago buying tickets for me and my friends to see the movie “Heist” [2001]. They were only about $2 each because the movie was rolling at a small countryside cinema. We got inside the movie theatre and, as the movie started, we noticed that the screen was awful and the sound had a lot of interference. There was only one other person inside, but after 20 minutes we all left, cause we couldn’t take the lousy picture and sound anymore! This was the only time I’ve ever walked out of a movie…

  40. Great question! No, I’ve never walked out of a movie before. I’ve wanted to, but I always feel like its my obligation as a true movie lover to see a film through to the end. I did fall asleep during a movie at a theater once though. From Hell with Johnny Depp. I can’t remember if it was because the movie was bad or I was just really tired. Either way – it apparently didn’t grab my attention.

    • I feel the same obligation!
      So you’ve never given the movie another shot? I liked it from what I remember…

  41. I wanted to walk out of The Meaning of Life by Monty Python…so grossed out by it but actually find it quite funny now….maybe they were before their time for that movie!! Or maybe I just wasn’t ready for it:) Didn’t help that I was on a double date with someone I didn’t know that well and the other couple were complete strangers….awkward!

    • I can definitely understand being put off by that film at first – even more so when with a group of kind of/sort of strangers!

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