Le Samourai (2/18/12)

Le SamouraiMovie Thirty One

I already declared my love for director Jean-Pierre Melville’s work when I reviewed Le Silence De La Mer. Le Samourai is a completely different movie but is equally amazing film.

Le Samourai is part crime drama but it is about so much more than that. We are introduced to an assassin (Alain Delon) that goes in to a crowded night club to kill his target. He is seen by several people. The police try to apprehend the killer and our assassin is a suspect. There is certainly lots of tension during these scenes in the police station, but the tension does not stop there. With an alibi, the police are forced to let the assassin go, but are not convinced.

Without giving away too much of the plot, I can say the above synopsis is only a portion of the film. The characters are all incredibly believable and realistic and Delon plays his role perfectly, much like Ryan Gosling in Drive.

Despite taking place in the late 60s, the film doesn’t feel dated. Had the movie taken place today, even with all the CSI technology we have, I do not feel like much would change with the overall plot. That is as strong testament to a gripping story if there ever was one.

In my quest to discover all of Melville’s films, Le Samourai is another fantastic experience. It is captivating, has terrific characters, a tense plot,  and is a timeless noir film.

I give it 5 pet canaries out of 5.


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